NDP Progress Update

We have reached the end of the Regulation 14 Consultation Period for the Neighbourhood Development Plan. For those of us closely involved with the project, it seems to have been like running a marathon. To continue the analogy, this point is like getting through “the wall”. Therefore you have not finished yet but the end is near.

Thank you very much to all the residents that took the time to read the plan and even more admiration is due to those that read the appendices as well. We have received many comments back and the vast majority were complimentary and in full support. It is important to note that this plan has been written based on the views we have gathered from residents since we held our first public meeting in the village hall and therefore the support is most welcome.

To re-iterate the general themes:

  1. The priority for residents was to conserve and enhance our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which so many residents enjoy access to through our network of footpaths.
  2. Maintain the separation of Woodmancote from Cheltenham and Southam through maintaining the Green Belt.
  3. Development should be directed to the areas inside Woodmancote Village and should be “in character” with the village and its historic roots to maintain the Woodmancote “feel”.
  4. Reduce Surface Water Flood Risk.
  5. Increase Biodiversity and actively contribute to the climate change challenge.
  6. Minimise the ever growing traffic problem with too many cars travelling too fast on roads that are unsuitable.
  7. When considering the extensions of Woodmancote Park homes not only do we want to consider flooding risk, traffic and the landscape issues raised by Tewkesbury Borough Council, the views from Butts Lane overlooking St. Michaels Church are cherished and should be conserved.

The feedback received from the Regulation 14 Public Consultation will be incorporated into the plan where it is right to do so. The plan will then progress through the various stages of inspection before coming back to you, the community, for the public referendum.

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