Progress update – 20 October 2021

Here is a progress update on Woodmancote’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) following the Regulation 14 Consultation that took place earlier this year.

The Steering Group have taken the responses from our consultation into account and updated all the associated documents.  A Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement have been prepared as required, and all documents have now been submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC). This submission, Regulation 16, is the 4th step in the NDP process.  

TBC will now undertake a further consultation and will appoint an independent Neighbourhood Plan Examiner.  This Examiner will consider the responses to Regulation 16 and will recommend any amendments necessary (5th step).  
Tewkesbury, as the planning authority, will then decide whether or not to accept those changes and will agree a final version.

It is this final version that will then go to Referendum (6th step). A simple majority vote by Woodmancote residents will then determine whether our NDP is “made” (7th step).  

You can view a copy of the draft NDP and related documents on-line by following the links under the NDP Draft Plan tab on this website – paper copies can be made available on request.

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