Where are Woodmancote’s non-designated heritage assets?

Woodmancote Parish Council has asked Cllr Cheryl Agg to identify local non-designated heritage assets for inclusion in our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Below is Cllr Agg’s request for your help and please do contact her directly.  

“In essence we want as much detail as possible added to the assets list within the Parish NDP including: 

  • All the Arthur Yiend houses
  • Any house that you think should be classed as a heritage asset. It doesn’t need to be listed, as it could be a new home of architectural interest. It could also be because someone once famous lived there, like a jockey!
  • Woodmancote monuments, including the footpath stone styles
  • The site of the village of Wick – during mediaeval times, there was once a village called Wick located on Stockwell lane, on the left below the junction with Post Office Lane
  • Trees 
  • Views

Even if they don’t actually make it onto the final list, anything we apply for will be registered and therefore on a record and something that we can all refer to in planning applications as locally important features. 

I would really appreciate your help and if you can’t take the photo but you know something about the history of the property or the tree that might be important, then do let me know.

So please, if you’re out and about, do take photos, and these will added to the list of Woodmancote assets. We would love to know what you think should go onto the register. 

Many Thanks 

Cllr Cheryl Agg, Woodmancote Parish Council
Email: cllrcagg@woodmancoteparishcouncil.com”

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