The Regulation 14 Consultation of Woodmancote NDP was 22 March 2021 to 4 May 2021. This was extended to 13th May for late responses. The Consultation is now closed but copies of the documents are available below for information.


1. WOODMANCOTE DRAFT NDP AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Appendices 1-6) are available to download via the links below – (opens in new .pdf Window)

Woodmancote NDP Regulation 14 Draft (March 2021)

Appendixes 1-4 Woodmancote NDP Regulation 14 Draft (March 2021)

Appendix 5 Woodmancote Character Assessment (January 2021)

Appendix 6 Quantum of Housing Stock Outside the Settlement Boundary

A small number of printed versions of the draft Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Development Plan were available on request. 

Due to current Government restrictions the Parish Council and Steering Group are not holding any drop-in events. However, an online discussion event took place (via Zoom) on Tuesday 6th April and further sessions can be arranged on request.



The consultation on Regulation 14 is now closed and the questionnaire responses are now being considered by the NDP Team. Thank you to all residents who submitted a response.



Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to prepare a shared development vision for their area.  This Neighbourhood Development Plan seeks to help shape, direct, and deliver sustainable development by influencing the planning policies and decisions made by Tewkesbury Borough Council.  Neighbourhood Development Plans must conform with local plan policies and can amplify the planning decision-making framework. 

This plan will help ensure that planning proposals take account of Woodmancote’s circumstances and needs.

Decisions about planning applications must comply with policies in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  In Woodmancote, this means that planning decisions must pay heed to the policies in this Neighbourhood Development Plan when adopted (“made”) and in the Tewkesbury Borough Plan and the Joint Core Strategy.  This Neighbourhood Development Plan also anticipates development proposed in the review of the Borough Plan.

This plan has been prepared by a Steering group of Parish Councillors and Woodmancote residents and has had input from members of the public, local businesses, and Statutory Consultees such as the Local Planning Authority, the Lead Local Flood Authority, the AONB Management Board and the Highways Authority.  In particular, we held 2 public meetings and received a 38% response rate to the Residents’ Survey. We published the results of that survey and incorporated any feedback we received from those findings.

A great deal of work has gone into this Neighbourhood Development Plan to date. Thank you to residents who submitted their views on the draft policies in the plan.