What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan and why do we need one?

The Government’s Localism Act (2011) is an initiative that enables communities to have a direct say and influence on shaping the development and growth of their local area through the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

A NDP helps us ensure the community resists inappropriate development and gets the right type in the right place.

A Steering Group (delegated from Woodmancote Parish Council) has been set up to bring the Parish together to write a NDP. A successful NDP will come about through extensive consultation with you, the community, and will include meetings, displays and surveys.

Our NDP development is being supported through local funding and government grants.

Once our NDP has reached its final draft, it will be submitted to the local planning authority, Tewkesbury Borough Council, who will organise an independent examination of the plan. This will make sure that the proper legal process has been followed and that it complies with TBC’s and County Councils’ local plans and with the government’s wider policies.

Next step will be for TBC to arrange for the NDP to be presented to the community and for you to decide whether you wish to adopt it in a referendum. It is necessary that more than 50% of those voting in the referendum vote “yes” in order to bring the plan into force.

If adopted, our NDP will become part of the TBC’s Local Plan and the policies contained within it will then be required to be taken into account when determining planning applications.

Our NDP aims to:

  • Be a shared vision for the village
  • Guide where new homes and other developments may be built
  • Influence types and designs of new developments
  • Identify and protect important green spaces, valued landscapes and treasured assets
  • Help identify the facilities and services needed for the community
  • Help conserve our natural environment

What our NDP can do:

  • Give the village a voice in its future
  • Help decide what developments we want and need
  • Protect important green spaces and valued views from inappropriate development

What our NDP can’t do:

  • Prevent new developments or housing that have already been approved
  • Conflict with local authority core strategies or with government planning policies